KiNel Enterprises Inc.

Federal Form 129 Data for Bidders Listings

Federal Procurement Data for KiNel


Procurement Data for Contracting and Technical Officers
(based on Standard Form 129 and GSA - FAR (48CFR) 53.214(e)


KiNel Enterprises, Inc.


Business Form:
Corporation, incorporated September 29, 2003, in the Commonwealth of Virginia
Virginia State Corporation Commission I.D. #0603747-7


Company Address:
8100 Rural Point Road
Mechanicsville, VA 23116
Hanover County, USA
(near intersection US301 and county road 643, locally known as Pearson’s Corner)


Corporate Officers:
President:  Richard Kiger-Nelson (sole stockholder)
Secretary/Treasurer:  Martha Kiger-Nelson


Size of Business:  Small business (in full accord with SBA requirements).

Average number of employees: Typically six plus qualified sub-contractors and vendors.

Average annual sales for preceding three fiscal years: Contact us.

Type of Business: Construction Concern.

DUNS Number:  879876071  (CAGE Code: 5UNK2)

How Long in Present Business:  Incorporated 2003, based on construction trades experience starting in 1973.

Floor space and net worth:  Qualified Class A Contractor.

Security Clearance:  Can be arranged if appropriate, bonded now.

SAMS: Registered.

Union? The company is an open-shop (no union).

Better Business Bureau: Accredited, A+, no complaints (2013).


Telephone Numbers: 
Headquarters: (804) 955-0820
Fax:  (804) 559-4830
Mobile (cell phone): (804) 356-6731


Company Web Site:

Company E-mail:

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